5th edition, between lake and mountains

Châtel Chablais Léman Race

Sat 22 & Sun 23 July 2023
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Gravel : 125 km.
Road : 52, 98 or 150 km.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyclist, you can choose between two types of surface and different distances to guarantee you an unforgettable day out from Châtel (Haute-Savoie), in an idyllic setting between lake and mountains, in the heart of the Portes du Soleil.

regional map
Road (Long)
150 km
+2700 m
125 km
+2500 m
Road (Medium)
98 km
+1900 m
Road (Short)
50 km
+1700 m
Special guest

Come ride the Châtel Chablais Léman Race with me in a magnificent setting between France and Switzerland, with mythical passes between the Chablais, the Midi region and the charming village of Châtel. I will be there with you. Good luck!

A jersey, timing, assistance and food included

A well-organized, secure and fun event for cyclists of all ages and abilities, from beginners to dedicated athletes. And everyone gets a unique official jersey.


Some incredible prizes, including a KIA 🚗, will be raffled off amongst all gran fondo participants. The full list of prizes will be visible on this website at a later date.

Exhibitors' Village

Brands from the cycle industry will mix with local artisans, producers and entrepreneurs to welcome you in a lively exhibitors village on both days.

A region to explore

What could be more intoxicating than pedalling on the roads of the 3 Chablais (French, Valais and Vaud)? Between Lake Geneva and the mountains, the Châtel Chablais Léman Race will allow its participants to discover its terroir and its natural riches. A change of scenery guaranteed.

Martial Saddier,
President of the Haute-Savoie Departmental Council

With its mythical passes that have made the great hours of international cycling competitions, Haute-Savoie is an exceptional playground for all lovers of the "Little Queen".

Along with Nicolas Rubin and Josiane Lei, Departmental Councillors of the Evian-les-Bains canton, I am particularly proud that the Departmental Council is once again supporting the Châtel Chablais Léman Race.

This 5th edition, between France and Switzerland, promises once again some beautiful climbs with in particular the ascent of the Portes de Culet and especially the final climb to the Col de Bassachaux. Thanks to its courses adapted to all levels, it contributes to prove that Haute-Savoie and more particularly the Chablais are sports lands par excellence.

Congratulations to the organizing committee and to all the volunteers who make this event a success every year, thus contributing to the influence of our beautiful department.

Good race to all

Nicolas Rubin,
Maire de Châtel ; President of the Association of Mayors 74 ; 1st Vice President of the Haute-Savoie Departmental Council

New features and changes will make 2023 a highly anticipated edition!

A GRAVEL course that continues to be inspired by the great events of the discipline, a new itinerary on Swiss territory and a final at the Col de Bassachaux... The Châtel Chablais Léman Race changes gear!

With an atmosphere always very appreciated, participants in great shape that gives an energetic and friendly tone, there is no reason not to (re) discover the roads and paths of the valley of Abondance, the Portes du Soleil, the Chablais, the Haute Savoie and the Cantons of Vaud and Valais.

In a sporty and gastronomic environment, even the companions will tell you that eating well, laughing and living good and beautiful moments are excellent for your health!

Between France and Switzerland we offer you all this, you now have the right to come...so be WELCOME!

Sébastien Medan,
President Chablais Léman Sport Organisation

We never tire of it... Always the same happiness to see cyclists coming from all over France and the international to survey our roads of the 3 Chablais. Between Lake Geneva and mountains, the scenery always gives the same effect: a feeling of escape and privilege.

What a pleasure to find the conviviality and sharing that cycling offers. One thing has not changed since the creation of the event: the place of the participant in the event. Their experience, their equipment and their safety are our priorities. Their smiles and thanks are our reward.

Châtel " land of bikes ". The Organizing Committee warmly thanks the public authorities FRA and SUI, the partners, the volunteers and of course the village of Châtel, its services, and its mayor Nicolas Rubin. We are already hard at work to enrich our offer and to constantly adapt to your expectations, to the evolution of cycling and to the ambitions of Châtel.

Good preparation.