Guides & Documents

Practical Information


  • An official jersey
    to be worn during the event
  • A welcome pack
    offered by Super U Vinzier
  • Individual chip timing
    on the entire route
  • Course signage
  • Access to the Start village
  • Mechanical assistance and broom wagon
    the day before and on the day of the event
  • Rider safety
    motorbikes, cars and 150 volunteers
  • Medical assistance
  • Course pit-stops
  • A finishers medal
  • Individual photos
    Service provided by Photo Breton
  • A meal at the finish
  • Access to the bike park in the finish area
  • Vehicle parking
    close to the start / finish area
  • 1 raffle ticket
    20 000€ of prices dont one car
  • Medal
    for finishers
  • Not Included:

    Meals for accompanying persons, the official bib shorts and socks, equipment insurance.

Gravel 2023
Route 2023

The first 1000 registrants will receive a jersey with the colors of the event.

The Race

The Châtel Chablais Léman Race is a timed endurance event open to cyclists of all levels. Some will aim for a spot on the podium; others will simply try to finish within the time cuts.

All routes will be timed from start to finish via a chip attached to each participants' handlebars.

Prizes: winners will receive a cup, a bouquet of flowers and a selection of local food specialties. Every participant who completes a course will receive a finisher's medal.

Overall classification (scratch) – Road

The first 3 men and women of each Road will win prizes.

Classifications by category – Road

The first 3 men and women in each category will win prizes for the Road routes.

Parasport – Road

One or more specific rankings will be determined prior to the start for each Road and Gravel route depending on the list of starters.

F1 Women 18-30yo / Road (Short course: 16-30yo)
F2 Women 31-40yo / Road
F3 Women 41-50yo / Road
F4 Women 51-60yo / Road
F5 Women 61-70yo / Road
F6 Women 71+ yo / Road
H1 Men 18-30yo / Road (Short course: 16 / 30 yo)
H2 Men 31-40yo / Road
H3 Men 41-50yo / Road
H4 Men 51-60yo / Road
H5 Men 61-70yo / Road
H6 Men 71+ yo / Road


  • Who can participate?

    The events are open to all, licensed and non-licensed cyclosportives aged 18 and over in the year of the event*.
    *For each event, the “trek” or/and “short course” format are open to competitors aged 16 and over in the year – subject to providing parental permission on the day of the event. A blank parental permission form can be found online.

    To participate iǹ the event, all participants acknowledge:

    • Having read the rules of the event and accepting their clauses in their entiretý
    • Having become aware of the risks associated with cycling, such as individual or collective falls
    • Have acquired a cycling level in line with the chosen route and be fully aware of its difficulty
    • Know how to manage the realities of riding on hilly courses and in weather conditions that may be difficult (rain, cold…)
    • Show respect to participants and private property that the course may cross
    • Provide assistance and help to any participant in difficultý
    • Respect the mandatory equipment

    Participants compete as individuals. The organizer reserves the right to limit the number of participants without notice.

  • Can I register at the venue?

    Registrations are open until 30 minutes before the start of the event (D-Day, on site, digitally for environmental reasons). However, the organizer reserves the right to close registrations at any time.

    For obvious reasons of preparation and logistics, the organizer will not be held responsible if the participant registered at the last minute does not receive all the benefits (jersey, medal …).

  • Is there a “handisport” category?

    Depending on the number of participants, a “handisport” category will be set up for each course. The participants competing in this category will have to mention it at the time of their registration (check box). For obvious reasons of safety and visibility, they will nevertheless have to position themselves at the extreme back or front of the pack when the starting line is set up. The bike must be equipped in such a way as to be visible in a cyclist’s field of vision.

  • How do I remove my race number?

    The race numbers are to be collected from the event village (location).

    You will have to bring the confirmation of your registration (QR CODE) as well as your ID́ or license. The timing chips will be tò fixed to the front of the bike. People who have not validated their registration (medical certificate / license / incomplete file) will have to present the supporting documents at the permanence.

    A third person can come and get the number of another (with proof of identity)


    • Saturday morning: from 6.45am to 7.45am for the gravel event / from 8am to 6.45pm for the Sunday events.
    • Sunday morning: from 6.45 am (long and medium course only; short course: office in Aigle from 8 am to 8.45 am).
  • Do I need a licence or a medical certificate?

    In accordance with FFC regulations, participants must provide a medical certificate or a copy of their licence in order to validate their entry.

    If you hold an FFC* licence: You must provide a copy of your valid licence to cycle in competition.

    If you hold a UFOLEP, FSGT or FFTri* licence: You must provide a copy of your valid licence when you register, specifying “Cycling in competition” or “Cyclosport in competition”.

    If you hold a FFVélo* licence: You must provide a medical certificate stating that you are a competitive cyclist, dated less than one year before the day of the race.

    You are a rider with a licence from any other federation (French or foreign) or without a licence*: You must provide a medical certificate stating that you are not contraindicated in competitive cycling, dated less than one year before the day of the race. The document must be in French only (or original + 1 translated version).

    A blank medical certificate template can be found online on the event website.
    Without a valid license or medical certificate, the withdrawal of the number will be refused. No disclaimeŕ will be accepted.

  • What gear is allowed?

    Competitors are solely responsible for the conformitý to the standards in force, of the equipment they use as well as their maintenance.

    Traditional Bicycle

    Unicycles, time trial bikes, fixed gear bikes, folding bikes, bikes with stick wheels and/or lenticular wheels, extenders are prohibited.

    Electric bikes are only allowed on the tour and/or short course (without classification but with the maintenance of all the other services). The use of an e-bike must be mentioned at the time of registration (choice of bike).

    Recumbent bikes are allowed on all courses. The use of recumbent bikes must be mentioned at the time of registration (choice of bike). For obvious reasons of safety and visibility, they will have to be positioned at the extreme back or front of the peloton at the starting line. The bike must be equipped in such a way as to be visible within a cyclist’s field of vision.

    Tandems are allowed on all courses. Their use must be mentioned at the time of registration (choice of bike). Tandem” participants can register at the normal participation rate. They will then only benefit from the runner’s pack (jersey, meal, goodies…) of a participant. To benefit from two runner packs, they will have to add a “tandem” option to their basket. This option will be charged.

    Cyclist’s Equipment

    Each participant must present themselves at the start with the cycling and sports equipment listed below.

    Wearing the equipment listed below is recommended throughout the event including the dummy start:

    • Mandatory wearing of a hard shell helmet (CE standards), approved with the chinstrap fastened during the entire event. Participants lose insurance coverage if they do not wear a helmet. If the helmet is not worn at the start, the competitor will not be allowed to take part in the race (withdrawal of the number). In the absence of the helmet during the event, the competitor may be excluded.
    • A bicycle pump, a spare inner tube or a puncture-proof spray, if the bike is not equipped with tubeless. Recommended.
    • A pair of gloves. Recommended.
    • Filled water bottles for rider hydration. Mandatory
    • A cell phone turned on, fully charged, equipped with GPS and with emergency numbers stored. Recommended.

    In case of failure to wear the recommended equipment, the organization can not be held responsible for any incidents and their consequences. Competitors are responsible for the proper functioning and monitoring of their equipment.

  • How is the start going?

    The timetable of each course and details of the itinerary can be found on the website, page “ROUTE” or “GRAVEL”. The route is defined subject to the prefectural authorization and can be modified by the organizer at any time.

    All participants will be called to the starting line 15 minutes before the start of the race for a reminder of the instructions. It is the responsibility of each participant to be present in time for the registration, the briefing, and the start of the event.

    A “dummy” / “neutralized” start may be set up for each course in order to give the real start, launched, when all safety conditions are met.

  • Do I have to wear the event’s official jersey?

    Yes, wearing a jersey during the event is mandatory and required to participate in the raffle*. Participants not wearing the jersey may be denied access to the starting gate. In case of bad weather conditions, wearing a jacket over the jersey is allowed.

    The jersey will not be tryable or exchangeable after registration. So be sure to check the size guide before you register. Beware, jerseys are cut close to the body. We strongly recommend that you take an extra size.

    The organization will offer a jersey TO THE FIRST 1000 REGISTRANTS. The allocation is made in chronological order of registration.
    *The participants registered after the allocation of the total number of jerseys offered by the organization will not be excluded from the draw of the raffle. The cost of registration remains the same as for those who have received a jersey.

  • Can I leave a bag of clothes at the start? my bike to go eat?

    Race numbers will be allocated in the order of receipt of the registration forms. The organizer reserves the right to issue priority numbers (SAS in the first line). A justified request of a sporting nature can be addressed to:

    The request must be made at the latest 7 days before the date of the event.

  • Will there be pit stops on the course?

    Several refreshment points are organized on the course. They will be indicated on the maps and course profiles and reminded to the participants at the start of the event. Competitors may be supplied by their companions at other points on the course provided that the supply is made by a pedestrian, on the right side of the road, and that it does not affect the safety of the event and other participants. Refuelling a participant from a moving vehicle is forbidden and will result in the immediate disqualification of the participant.

  • What are the time limits?

    Time barriers will be in place:


    • Arrival of all competitors before 3:00 p.m.


    • Lugrin : passage de tous les participants GRAND avant XXX —-
    • Col du Corbier : passage de tous les participants MOYEN et GRAND avant —-
    • Arrivée de tous les concurrents avant 15h00

    Outside the time barriers, the broom wagon will note the number of the runners and will overtake them. The participants will then be in real traffic conditions (absence of flagmen).

    The organization recommends that cyclists who are no longer able to move forward (broken equipment, flat tire, fall not requiring immediate repatriation, physical failure …) to wait for the broom wagon (mini bus with trailer for bikes) or to go to a refreshment point to be repatriated at the end of the event by a member of the organization The organizer will not be able to repatriate a participant individually (except in case of immediate necessity).

    In case of extreme emergency, an emergency number is available to each participant on his individual number.

    The raffle draw (2:30pm – 3:00pm) will not exclude participants who are still on their way.

  • How does the technical assistance go?

    A partner stand will be at your disposal on Saturday in the race village for last minute repairs. Nevertheless, each participant is required to have a bike in working order and to have his own repair material.

    Personal follow cars are not allowed.

    The organization will only repatriate participants in case of extreme emergency. In case of a flat tire, participants will have to return to the start on their own. An emergency number will be given to each participant. A solution can be provided by the organization. The broom wagon will be one of them.

  • Can I have a priority bib?

    Race numbers will be allocated in the order of receipt of the registration forms. The organizer reserves the right to issue priority numbers (SAS in the first line). A justified request of a sporting nature can be addressed to:

    The request must be made at the latest 5 days before the date of the event.
    The organization will exclude from the priority SAS any person not wearing the jersey of the event.

  • What is the event safety setup?

    For your safety: 5 car marshals, 20 motorcyclists and more than 150 pedestrian marshals will be deployed.

    A request for priority of passage is filed with the prefecture, nevertheless, the roads will be open to traffic, the runners must scrupulously respect the highway code, drive on the right, adapt their speed. The organization reserves the right to exclude any participant who does not respect the highway code.

  • How does the technical assistance go?

    A mechanics stand will be available on Saturday 4th in the event village for last minute checks. That said, each participant is required to have a bike in good working order and basic repair equipment is highly recommended for the ride.

    Private support vehicles are not allowed.

    The organisation’s insurance does not cover material damage. It is up to each participant to insure their equipment for use in the event.

  • Where can I shower and eat?

    Sanitary facilities and a dining room will be available to everyone in the race village at Châtel-Pré-la-Joux.
    *Due to the COVID-19 and the regulations in force at the time of the FFC, the services may not be maintained.

    Each participant will receive, at the time of the withdrawal of his number, his individual ticket for the meal. Additional tickets can be purchased at the refreshment stand located in the race village or when registering online.

    Shower : to be confirmed

  • How about the post-event meal?

    The food court is located in the race village at Châtel-Pré-la-Joux. A meal ticket is offered to each registrant. Additional meals can be booked for accompanying persons (Saturday or Sunday lunchtime, at a cost of 15€) at the time of registration or on site. The space is open from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.
    A secure bike park, with lockers, is available for participants near the restaurant.

  • How is the draw going?

    A special draw will be held for all participants wearing the event jersey. The draw will take place under the supervision of a bailiff on the Saturday afternoon of the event at 2pm.

    If the winners are participants in the GRAVEL event (Saturday), they will be able to collect their prize immediately. If the winners are participants in the ROAD event, the prizes will be awarded on Sunday after the official ceremony for the ROAD courses, i.e. around 2.30 p.m. / 3 p.m.

    Winners must collect their prizes in person on presentation of their licence, identity card or race number. No prize will be sent, exchanged or given to a third party.

    Specific rules can be found on the “Practical Information” page of the event website.

  • What are the cancellation and refund conditions?

    All registrations are firm and final. It is forbidden to give or resell your bib.

    With the exception of a medical impossibility justified by a certificate dated at the latest on the day of the event, a justified force majeure, or an exceptional condition * no refund will be made from the organizer .

    What is an exceptional condition?
    If circumstances so require, the organizer reserves the right to modify the General Conditions of Sale at any time (route, departure times, race regulations and any other organizational point linked to the smooth running of the event. test…).
    In the event of force majeure beyond its control, too unfavorable climatic conditions, pandemics or any other circumstance endangering the safety of competitors, the organization reserves the right:

    • To modify / postpone the departure time by a few hours at most
    • To shorten or neutralize the ordeal
    • To stop the ordeal
    • To cancel the event

    In the event of a change, the organizer will endeavor to notify all registered participants by e-mail, to the address they provided on the registration form. Any major changes made apply immediately after being notified, by any means, including by posting the revised version hereof on the event site.

    If the event is canceled due to force majeure or by prefectural decision for a reason that does not concern the organizer, the organization is released from any recourse by the entrants *. The organizer reserves the right to communicate to the participant the conditions for postponing registration. The announcement will be made by e-mail to the address provided by the participant, on the event’s website, or on the day of the event, by microphone, posting on the reception and registration points.

    * In case of cancellation for COVID-19, the organizer will propose postponement and refund conditions.

  • What is eco-friendly and FairPlay behavior?

    Eco-responsible behavior

    You will cross beautiful landscapes, and, as in any place, it is strictly forbidden to throw away your waste (cans, papers energy bars, plastics etc.).
    At each feeding station, as well as at the start and finish line, you will have selective waste bins for your waste. The organization reserves the right to exclude on the spot participants who throw their waste on the side of the road and do not respect these instructions. Those excluded from the race will also be removed from the draw.

    Fair Play Behavior

    Competitors not respecting the sportsmanship and “fair play” of the event, caught in a situation of fraud (lock not respected, early departure, route not respected, use or assistance of vehicles, etc), or having an irresponsible or even dangerous behavior or practice (holding disrespectful or insulting words, incivilitý, use of doping products, throwing objects, documents or waste, dangerous driving, violation of the highway code, etc) will be punished according to the case: time penalty, downgrading, exclusion from the event or even a ban from participating in other events organized by Chablais Léman Sport Organisation.

  • How does insurance work?

    • Civil liability: the organizers have taken out a contract which covers their civil liability as well as that of the participants involved. It only takes effect on the official itinerary and for the duration of the event, for regularly registered participants, checked at the start, on the course and until the finish.
    • Individual accident: The FFC licensees benefit from the individual accident insurance subscribed and attached to their license.

      For non-FFC licensees, the organization can take out individual accident insurance if the participant wishes. To do so, the participant must validate this option at the time of registration. The individual accident insurance is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

    • Damage and material liability: neither the organizer nor its insurer covers any damage to the material and equipment of the participants, particularly in the event of a fall or theft, it is up to everyone to guarantee themselves.


All participants will be entered into a giant raffle with some incredible prizes including a car. Check back here to see the list of prizes grow as the start date approaches.

KIA Piacanto
Provided by KIA Jacquet Automobiles Thonon

Instructions & Documents

Picking up your bib number

In the village of the event in Châtel, Pré-la-Joux :

  • Saturday morning: from 6.45 to 8 for the gravel event / from 9.00 to 18.45 for the Sunday events.
  • Sunday mornings :
  • Sunday mornings :

    • Small course at the UCI (Aigle) from 8h to 8h45
    • <Medium and large course at Châtel Pré-la-Joux from 6h45 to 8h (large and medium)


Arrival and start

Participants will be called to the start line 15 minutes before the start for a reminder of the instructions.

Medical certificate template to download (PDF)

A completed and signed medical certificate must be presented by all non-FFC, UFOLEP, FSGT, FF Handisport, and FFTRI licensee participants.

Parental authorisation template (PDF)

Road (Short) route and Gravel route: participation is open, with parental discharge, to minors turning 16 and more during the year.


Road regulations (PDF)

3 courses – Sunday 21 July

Gravel regulations (PDF)

1 course – Saturday 20 July


The organisation will, to date, take all the necessary sanitary measures to welcome everyone. In the event of cancellation, the registration fees will be refunded after deduction of the booking fees.

How to reach Châtel ?

Located in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, between Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc, Châtel is 20 minutes from the Swiss motorways, 30 minutes from Aigle train station, 1h50 from Geneva Cointrin international airport and 45 minutes from Thonon-les-Bains train station.

By train, plane or car, find ICI all the information to come to Châtel.

access map

    Special Offers

  • Le Val Joli

     The Val Joly holiday centre offers you an offer at 30€ per night (shared room) or 50€ per night (single or double room). Decreasing rate if several nights.
    Breakfast 5€/pers. and possibility to have a sports dinner for 14€.


Get 5% OFF both registrations if you sign up for the GRAVEL course and one ROUTE course.

Companies/Groups: DISCOUNT depending on number of participants (minimum 7).Contact us.

Registration for the Châtel Chablais Léman Race entitles you to a 10% discount on registration for the Babybel Granfondo Vache qui rit Granfondo and Thonon Cycling Race

Online registration is open until the day of the event. Increase of 10€ from 01/06/2024*
Gravel55 €
Road - Short55 €*
Road - Medium60 €*
Road - Long65 €*
*The first 1000 registrants receive a free jersey with their registration
Officiel jersey *68 €
Additional meal15 €
Bib shorts80 €
Socks12 €
Gloves22 €

Bib numbers will be allocated in the order in which registrations are received. Jersey offered to the first 1000 registrants.