Saturday July 20th, 2022


A mix of roads, paths and trails. Coming from the United States, the discipline of gravel riding is in full expansion in Europe with practitioners seeking more of an escape and communion with nature while sticking to physically accessible routes.

NB: Mountain bikes are allowed as well as e-bikes (in hiking mode, without ranking).


Updated: 23-Nov-23, 18:19 CET 
113 km
+2100 m

By adding a Gravel event to its program in 2020, the organization has anticipated what is now a national trend for cyclosportive events. For this new edition, the Organizing Committee is maintaining its "ultra" approach, with 115km on the program (compared with 55km in recent years), and no time trials. Much to the delight of purists. A more accessible route with much less steep slopes, in the Vallée d'Abondance, Bas Chablais and Plateau de Gavot. This will further broaden the public and give new impetus to enthusiasts in search of sharing and communion with nature.

Full course
Châtel, Pré-la-Joux - 8h00
Châtel, Pré-la-Joux
GPS file
Not final
2 Pit stops
  • à 48 km (Reyvroz)
  • à 80 km (Bernex)
Minimum age:

18 years old during the year

Gravel, CX, VTT, tandem, e-bikes.-
Hard shell helmet with attached chinstrap, first aid kit, liquid refill.
unicycles, CLM, fixed sprocket, stick wheels, lenticular wheels.

Specific rules :
– No ranking will be published. No timing
– Navigation by GPS
– Strict respect of the highway code is mandatory.
– Wave starts will be organized: 30 by 30
every 30” at 8am and 8. The order of allocation of the waves will be done according to the date of registration